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August 1, 2013
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Flag Of The British Chancellorate by GeneralHelghast Flag Of The British Chancellorate by GeneralHelghast
The Chancellorate of Britain from Shane Acker's science-fiction film, "9".

Government: Federated Republic (de jure)
Fascist Dictatorship and Military Autocracy (de facto)
Religion: None/State Atheism
Capital: London
Currency: British Pound
Head of State: Chancellor
Population: 470 million people
Political Position: Far-Right
Ideology: Fascism, Militarism, Ultranationalism, Racial purity, Multiracialism, British Nationalism, State Atheism, Anti-Semitism, Islamophobia

History: At a time before World War I, the British Empire, led by a constitutional monarchy, was once a superpower of its time until Austro-Hungary invaded Serbia in response to the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand. When the war began, a young, ambitious soldier of Anglo-Belgian descent named Alfred Ferdinand, the son of a German-born mother and a wealthy British father who owned a plantation, was sent into Middle East, where he had fought bravely against the armies of the Ottoman Empire. Eventually, by 1917, he was ordered to be stationed at eastern France, where he had fought against the Germans and suddenly shot Adolf Hitler in the chest and then killing him with a bayonet. After the war, Ferdinand was declared a war hero who helped his country achieve victory and became proud of his career. However, when an economic depression occurred, Ferdinand succeeded his late father as head of the family and struggled to keep the house's financial wealth from falling. He was extremely resentful towards the Jews, the Homosexuals, the Church, the Communists, the Parliament, and even the British royal family, declaring them as "silent traitors" and "dimwitted religious bigots". By 1921, he soon met Oswald Mosely of the Union of British Fascists and became good friends with him. However, by 1926, Oswald was shot by a Communist and poor engineer of Jewish descent (as represented by "6"), angering Ferdinand as he became the party's leader and was sworn to the cause of protecting his country once more, even in the most brutal means. Three days after the event, he met a young woman named Evelyn Roselyn, a talented singer throughout Britain, who personally met Ferdinand and happily married her. Despite his frustration with his wife being infertile, he nevertheless spent time with her and treated her as his equal.

By 1927, he hired a fellow war veteran and childhood friend named Charles Joffery and declared him his right-hand man and body guard. As his popularity began to rise within the streets of London and throughout the British Empire, Ferdinand sought to create a new British Empire free from both religion, communism, the jews, and the royal family so that his nation would never again be "stabbed in the back". He eventually launched a successful, short-lived revolution in Britain and execute members of the royal family while he declared himself Chancellor of Britain. After having absolute power, he sought to improve his nation through the purging of religious organizations and the advancement of science and technology. Thus, he sent agents and spies to secretly kidnap many of the greatest minds in the world, including Julius Bergerson, an American scientist of German, English, Dutch, and French lineage. Once Ferdinand had the scientists in the world into London, he forced them all into creating new pieces of technology, including B.RA.I.N, which was invented by Bergerson. Meanwhile, by 1928, the Chancellor befriended Mussolini of Italy, Hideki Tojo of Japan, and Joseph Stalin of the Soviet union, despite the different forms of beliefs and ideals they had with Ferdinand. He told his fellow dictators that the source of all evil and the cause of the betrayal of the Jews and the Church were caused by Capitalism, declaring it a "parasite that seeks to destroy the purity and unity of the races of the world." At the same time, he had hunted down rebels, Freemasons, Jews, Muslims, Christians, Gays, and Hindu within every corner of the city and declared black people and atheistic Indians as "Honorary Britons", although they could not mix with the native Britons themselves. By 1933, Ferdinand was given an interview with an American journalist, who asked him about his time during the war against Germany. The Chancellor soon became offended when he was mentions about Adolf Hitler, the soldiers that he killed in France. When he was asked if he ever met hitler, he arrogantly responded and said the following quote in anger:

"Well, of course I have met that worthless Austrian before! He was but a dirty peasant and a coward! I saw him back at my trip to Vienna and saw him acting like a childish idiot in front of the crowd near the art academy! He was indeed humiliating himself and stupidly declared himself a member of the so-called 'Aryan race'! What kind of fool would even believe in this 'Aryan race' anyway? Its just a bunch of German hooliganism run by Catholic bigots and Jewish sympathizers! As for Hitler himself, his nose looked exactly more of a Jewish mongrel than the 'Aryan' he claims himself to be! I bet he hated himself and sought to hide his shame from everyone else by going to Church all day and enter the war to hide in the trenches! As for me, I enter the war and I proudly showed off my courage with my fellow Britons against the German savages while the rat Adolf hid himself away from me and I ended his miserable existence like the coward he really was! He was always good at words, but never was he a true white man like myself! I say that he and his fellow Germans were a horde of drunkard Huns who think that the recessive blonde gene, which is a trait for the weak, is a sign of racial purity! Ridiculous! If Hitler was still alive and able to preach his bigoted preaching about the 'Aryan' myth, I would have thrown a rock at him and everyone else would've done the same!"

Shocked by the Chancellor's hatred towards the Germans, the journalist asked different questions outside of politics and left to his hotel in New York, where he told a friend of his and declared said: "Ferdinand is a scary fellow, he is! He may even be more worst than the old Kaiser and Stalin put together!" Nevertheless, Ferdinand had been a calm gentleman throughout most of the interview and the British people began to agree that Hitler deserved to die. When Bergerson completed the robot called B.R.A.I.N, aided by his assistant (represented by 2) and his brave, independent, Japanese-born wife and fellow scientist, Akiho Sasaki (represented by 7), Ferdinand forcefully grabbed the invention before the B.R.A.I.N could be properly tested. By 1934, a Christian priest (represented by 1) and his most devout follower (represented by 8) attempted to assassinate Ferdinand, but failed miserably and sought to flee the country until the secret police caught up and killed them both at the London Bridge. By 1936, Chancellor Ferdinand declared war upon the allied forces (led by the United States, Germany, France, and China) while addressing the following speech during the birth of the Fabrication Machine:

"Comrades! Today dawns a new era of British dominance! Once more, we have arisen as the true master race that will unite all other nations and tribes in an effort to never again feel the sting of communist Jewry! Religion has lost its enthralling grip over our glorious people and we have even thrown away the parasite belief in God in favor of the will of the strong, who devour the weak, the ignorant, the selfish, and the mad with their might! Behold, the Fabricator! A glorious device that will ensure our rightful place as the rulers of this world! Let us praise the great Charles Darwin for this new technology! The age of the dreaded Monarchy and its tyrannical reign over us has long since passed! A new age has come, and it shall be under the banner of revolutionary fascism and scientific progress! Welcome, my fellow Britons, to the Age of the Machine! As our empire prepares to fight the barbarian armies of France, Germany, China, Africa, and even the United States itself, the Fabricator will create new machines in its own image! Machines of peace that will awaken and usher us further into a glorious new era of greater wealth and prosperity for the state! Those who stand in our way shall forever pay the price for their freedom as we embrace our destiny as the victors! We have won during the tragic great war of before and we shall do so once more! Loyalty until death! Britain shall prevail!"

Eventually, by June 4th, 1937, Japan dominated the Far East and the Pacific while Russia conquered Finland, but faced heavy resistance against the Polish and German forces. In desperation, Stalin ordered his scientists to swiftly create the Russian equivalent of the Fabricator so that the Soviet Red Army could have war machines of its own. Meanwhile, with Italian forces by Britain's side, Ferdinand unleashed his army of Steel Behemoths to crush the French, Belgian, and Dutch armies and eventually dominated western Europe. By July, the British eventually had launched an invasion of the United States and marched on until they reached to Richmond, Virginia, Vienna, Austria, and Salt Lake City, Utah in 1938, when the Fabricator and his creations eventually betrayed humanity and began to kill off millions of lives on the planet. Shocked by this betrayal, Chancellor Ferdinand blamed Julius Bergerson and declared that he had led the Briton race astray by altering the Fabricator killing off all life. At the same time, his beloved Evelyn fell ill and died from lung cancer, causing depression towards Ferdinand and making him further vengeful and mad with rage towards both Bergerson, the Germans, the Jews, and even the Fabricator. At the same time, the Fabricator's Russian equivalent also betrayed humanity and turned the Soviet War machines against Soviet forces with Stalin killed while escaping by plane. Mussolini, while taking a look at the battlefield in Croatia, was also killed when one of the machines shot both of his two legs and crushed him with one of its feet. Alfred Hugenburg, President of Germany, was shot by one of the machines when the Fabricator's betrayal upon humanity occurred. By 1939, when only 45% of human race was left with the entire population of London unaffected since the betray, Ferdinand made his last and final speech:

"Science has been betrayed as our once greatest weapons have now turned their sinister hands against us! it is an offense in which we can no longer abide too! The arch-traitor may have escaped, but his family has been made an example for those who rebel against the state! To those of you, the citizens of our nation, who still possess the strength to fight with every resource you have, then do so and rise up! People of our almighty state, join me in repelling the iron fist of the Machine in the name of science and country! Even in death, the Briton race shall prevail and die with valor in the name of the great Darwin!"

Eventually, by 1943, once that Bergerson sacrificed himself to give life to 9, 1 and his fellow stitch-punks fled into an abandoned church within a coastal British city in northern England while London burned in flames as Ferdinand bravely led the final charge against the machines until he begins to hallucinate and see the ghost of Adolf Hitler within the eyes of one of the machines and was eventually slain, ending his tyrannical regime and the Second World War. Since his downfall and the destruction of civilization, it soon appears that the island nation of Japan became all what is left of humanity, as it became isolated from the machines that were unable to cross the Sea of Japan.

In the film, Chancellor Ferdinand was voiced by Tom Kane, who made his voice sound more British than German. Plus, his face looks more like Grand Moff Tarkin from Star Wars, but with darker hair. Also, the German sign on the gate in which 9 and 5 enter the factory to save 2 could indicate that a small band of remaining German soldiers may have occupied near the small village and sought to destroy the factory and Ferdinand's dictatorship, but eventually failed. Furthermore, the newspapers in the scene which 9, 5, and encounter 3 and 4 at the library appear to be written in the English language. I can even say that the British city, which the movie takes place in, could be the exact spot where Bergerson took refuge and created his 9 creations. Of course, there is the Russian version of the story that states that 1 is the Chancellor, but I argue that Ferdinand, according to his character and speeches until the end of his life, the Chancellor seems to be more evil and brave than 1, and perhaps a very interesting and mysterious character. I hope that if Shane Acker makes a prequel about the Scientist, his family, and the Chancellor altogether, I hope that it is live action and it takes place in post-WWI Britain, since the Chancellor has a British accent and most of the movies shows the city being widely influenced by the English language. And take note that he even gave me some influence to one of my KSF characters, Cornelius Augustus Von Hamtinburg, just as much as Scolar Visari did.
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MatthewJabezNazarioI Featured By Owner Edited Sep 27, 2014  Professional General Artist
9 should be the the new Chancellor.
He would be the new Chancellor until the modern times!
9 shall be Chancellor Ferdinand!
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Not really in the Russian adaptation the chancellor is 1
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This screams '1984' Oceanian flag. Nice piece..
RizBrony Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2013
And how did you find this backstory ? 
RizBrony Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2013
This is from the movie '9' yes ?  What prove do you have that the setting is in Britain ? I always wonder what is the nation of the movie
GeneralHelghast Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2013   General Artist
Basically, its a theory of mine and Most of the people before the machine war spoke english.
lordhadrian Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2013
Very Cool :)
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