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December 4, 2012
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Mass Effect Real World Parallels by GeneralHelghast Mass Effect Real World Parallels by GeneralHelghast
Asari= Great Britain (How the Asari were before the Reaper War was much like the British Empire before WW II. Also, they tend to be an all-female race that achieved great wealth and power. Yet, there are some Greek influences within the Asari)
Quarians= Russia (primarily because of their accents and a bit more Gypsy.)
Humanity/Systems Alliance= United States of America (mostly a multicultural state much like America. Plus, Vancouver is the capital on Earth and Canada may possibly be part of a unified North America. However, the Alliance HQ is on a space station called Arcturus Station.)
Turians= Greece (mostly because of their Sparta heritage)
Batarian hegemony= France (its name is French and that they were rivals with the Asari, much like Napoleonic France was a rival to Britain.)
Krogan= Afghanisatn (their views are similar to Islam's with some Mongol characteristics and are native to Tuchunka, a ruined, desert world.)
Volus= People's Republic of China (ultimately because of their economic dominance and mafia-based behavior within the galaxy, but this doesn't go with all Chinese people.)
Salarians= Germany (highly intelligent and highly advanced)
Vorcha= Mexico (most notably, drug cartels)
Hanar= Japan (higly advanced in technology and widely intelligent with some superstitions)
Drell= Israel (both Jews and Drell were exiled from their homelands, but for different reasons.)
Geth= Soviet Union (The Geth speak in an Ayn Randish form of English and were responsible for overthrowing and replacing the Quarian regime with a collective, communist society.)
Elcor= Australia (rowdy and rough because the elcor have missles on their backs incase of invasion. They also tend to be conservative in nature.)
Rachni= Vikings (raided and threatened Citadel Space just as the Vikings raided and threatened Christian Europe.)
Yahg= Pre-colonial Africa (since the capturing and enslavement of yahg is similar to the colonial slave trade.)
Prothean= Jamaica (Jamaican-accented people with a Roman-based society.)
Reapers= Mongols (known for bringing terror towards their conquered victims.)
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CrazyCanuck96 Sep 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Given that Earth's capital is Vancouver -- a Canadian city -- and also the makers of the game are Canadian, I think it might be more appropriate to label the systems alliance Canadian.
isn't shepard canadian?
It's equivilence based on government types, culture, and political ideology, not race/sexuality/gender/religion.
yes, i know. it is just for curiosity.
I disagree with Drell, they are Palestine.
Glide08 Jun 18, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Fuck i do not want to be drell shitshitshitshitshit why you wont ot salarians israel?
YES FUCK! in particular the Drells
So, i'm a horrible Batarian studying Salarian culture ^^
that is racist in many ways
This has nothing to do with racism. Nor is it supposed to be racist. Not all Mexicans are drug lords. I think most Mexicans are good people in heart and the only ones who are evil are the drug cartels terrorizing Mexico. Also, not all vorcha are evil in Mass Effect and only the ones in the Blood Pack tend to be blood crazed. I remember that in the Omega DLC for Mass Effect 3, there are Vorcha that aid you and Aria into taking back Omega Station. then there is this one mass Effect 3 scene in which one Vorcha quotes "I may be ambitious, but I'm not crazy." Basically, Mexico's culture is rich with history and tradition and I understand how you fell. Still, this artwork has nothing to do with racism nor is it supposed to be of anti-mexican sentiment.
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