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Milky Way At War map by GeneralHelghast Milky Way At War map by GeneralHelghast
Here is a map of the milky way with various science fiction series mixed with the real universe. The year is 2350, and the Galaxy is at a state of perpetual war. Its basically made up of worlds from Mass Effect, Star Trek, Halo, Warhammer 40k, Lost Planet, Avatar, Starcraft, and some others.

Blue is the United Earth Federation ([link]), which has gained more worlds than it seems. It is a Military Republic and Oligarchy with a multicultural society run by a Hegemon, or eternal chairman. Primarily of human origin (mostly Whites, Asians, and multiracial people), there are some alien ethnic groups that have joined the Federation in a need for protection and civil rights, along with the capability of having a large economy. Its military is highly disciplined and well trained and is highly-advanced in technology. The capital city is Amsterdam, Earth, in which a large military stronghold is constructed for the ruling government to use as its main seat of power. It is mainly influenced by the United States of America, the European Union, and the British Empire. the planet Pandora (from Avatar) was the first to be colonized by Earth, but was hard to maintain until the formation of the Earth Federation. After the extinction of the Navi'i from Earth-like diseases, Humanity became more dependent on a robot slave economy and then colonized more worlds, including Vekta. As of now, the Alpha Centauri system, which is closest to Earth, is under conflict between the human settlers and the rebellious Helghast. Although democratic, they also appear to be an expansionist empire bent on spreading their beliefs and ideals against all others, with the exception of Asari and Turian customs. It is a superpower primarily involved into five wars:

1. the War against the Predators and Xenomorphs
2. the Second Helghast Insurgency
3. the Covenant-Human War
4. the Terran-Arachnid Wars
5. the conflict with the Eldar

Dark Red is the Helghast Empire, a fascist dictatorship that has declared itself independent from the Earth Federation since the rise of Scolar Visari. They are an evolved race of humans who live on harsh conditions and claim themselves to be a "master race" (primarily the same ideology as Nazi Germany's). With the aid of the Cybran Nation, a group machine-like people, the Helghast are considered a major threat to Earth dominance over the galaxy. Its economy is primarily focused on the interests of the government and the military. Soon, the Helghast continue to threaten Earth dominance as they now have the ability to control petrusite technology. It is primarily based off of Nazi Germany and North Korea.

Red is the Klingon Empire, a feudalist nation formed by the Klingon warrior-race. Smaller than the original from the Star Trek universe, the Klingon Empire is still a major threat to the Earth Federation and the Helghast since they are allied with the
Covenant. Planet Ramatis is the planet most highly damaged by them and suffers from space raids. Despite this, the Klingon are unable to claim it and are also having problems with the Asari, an ally to the Federation. It is mainly influenced by the Mesopotamian kingdoms.

Light Purple represents the Covenant Empire, a theocratic hierarchy obsessed with the religion of the Great Journey and are allied with the Klingon Empire. They are at war with the Federation in a need of controlling the Halo installations, which are the weapons that would certainly destroy all life in the galaxy. Ruled by the Prophets, the society of the Covenant is divided by hierarchy based on who is superior and who is inferior. The Grunts, Drones, and Jackals, the most common of the Covenant species, make up the basic infantry and the lowest of the society. The Brutes and Hunters make up the middle class and the heavy infantry while the Elite and the Prophets make up the upper command class. In my belief, they are based off of the Persian Empire

Whitish Green is the Asari Kingdom, a monarchy ruled by the Asari people, who are a race of aliens with only one gender. As a result having only females within their species, they depend on Homosexuality to continue their race through reproduction. Allied with the Federation, they help fight against the Helghast and Klingon forces that threaten their way of life. They represent an ancient civilization similar to Ancient Egypt.

The Greyish-Tan represents the Free Jaffa State, which is a democracy allied with the Earth Federation during the conflict against the Eldar. Primarily a peaceful society, the Jaffa are a proud and noble people and use Stargates as their main transportation. Most of the Jeffa race are dark-skinned and are ruled by the High Council, wielding some form of Republic. It is perhaps based on Nigeria with a mixture of the ancient Kingdom of Kush.

Light-aqua Green represents the Turian Hierarchy, which is a military republic allied to the Earth Federation and the Asari in response to the Helghast threat. There also some of them sent into battle against the Eldar, the Arachnids, and the Vorcha tribes. While it has great potential for misuse, this is tempered by the civic duty and personal responsibility turians learn in childhood. They are, at sometimes, a race mistaken to be "savages" by some human civilians, but are actually more civilized then what they think. Their ideals are based on that of the Terran Federation from Starship Troopers and are loosely based off of Sparta and the Roman Empire.

Yellow represents the Protoss Empire, a theocratic nation within the eastern part of the Galaxy. The primary blame within many conspiracy theories made by the Federation's political right-wing groups, they ignore the Federation and view them as "ignorant". They remain focused with fighting against the Zerg and the Terran Dominion, the arch-rival of the Earth Federation. Modern protoss religion has its roots in the Aeon of Strife, the period of chaos following the retreat of the xel'naga. At the end of the Strife, the protoss were reunited under the precepts of the Khala ("Path to Ascension") as promoted by the mystic Khas. The Khala took advantage of the natural psionic communal link and established a caste system. Protoss can be fanatical when it comes to their religious beliefs. Not all protoss embraced the Khala. These outcasts, eventually known as the Dark Templar, were later banished from Aiur. They are mainly based off of the Aztecs and medieval India.

Purple represents the Zerg Swarm, a hive-minded society and totalitarian state led by Sarah Kerrigan. Dedicated to the pursuit of genetic perfection, the zerg relentlessly hunt down and assimilate advanced species across the galaxy, incorporating useful genetic code into their own, and exterminate any species that might corrupt the purity of the zerg genome (which is similar to the ideal of "racial purity" within Nazi Germany). They represent a fascist society much like the Helghast, but more alien-like and are more aggressive. Their current concern is with the Protoss and the Terran Dominion, even though they were invaded by an expeditionary force of the Earth Federation. They raid near by worlds in search for perfect DNA in order to establish a new zerg empire, possibly more powerful than the previous one formed by the Overmind. They represent a Nazi version of the Mongol Empire.

Grey represents the Predators, a space-traveling tribe of hunter-gatherers who pose a threat to the Earth Federation. Leaderless in truth, they hunt down other species throughout the galaxy in a barbaric and savage way of living. Predator culture revolves around the hunting and stalking of dangerous lifeforms. After making a kill, Predators typically skin or decapitate the carcass, converting it into a trophy. Failure in a hunt results in the Predator involved committing an honorable suicide. It is often alluded to that the reason Predators hunt is not for sustenance or elimination of threats, but as entertainment or rite of passage, as they will only attack life forms that have the ability to provide them with a challenge. In Predators, it is revealed that there are at least two different Predator tribes, which are engaged in a long lasting blood feud. They represent the Aztecs, Mayans, and Celtic Gauls.

Aqua-green represents the Outlander Republic, a right-wing republic that continues to hold its ancient traditions of hunting. After destroying the Moorwen, the Outlanders focus their attention with the Predators, who were threatening their borders. With the aid of the Earth Federation and the Asari, they somehow managed to drive the enemy back from their borders. They represent Vietnam, due to its conflict with the Predators being similar the Vietnam War.

Light-Pink is the Cardassian Union, a military dictatorship that is currently at war with the Necrons and the Eldar. In a need for resources, due to the fact that they have been fighting for thirty years, the Cardassians rely on support from the Earth Federation and its allies. Terrorist attacks have also crippled the nation because of its marshall law on low-paying worlds. In order to save their country, the government places in defenses and places heavy taxation, which only worsens the economy. They represent Pakistan during Pervez Musharraf's reign.

Dark Green is the Necron Hegemony, an empire of death-worshippers who are forever binded into robotic bodies under the will of their C'tan gods. Once known as the Necrontyr, who had very short life expectancies, they became immortal through their newly found technology and terrorized their neighbors. The arch enemy of the Eldar, they seek to purge the galaxy, along with anyone that stands in the way. They use Monoliths as their ultimate weapon within the battlefield and collect the bodies of the slain in order to create more soldiers to their cause. They represent a necromancer version of Egypt.

Aqua Blue is the People's Republic of Zhou, a socialist oligarchy with a mixed economy, a strict form of government, and a ancestral connection with China, Korea, and India. Primarily populated by Chinese and Korean settlers, they consider themselves to be a mighty nation that has lived for thousands of years and is now a major power in the Galaxy. Since the end of the War of Thirds, the demilitarized zone became part of Zhou's borders, although relations between them and the Federation remain dicey. With a large military and a huge production of steel, iron, and titanium, it is also the Galaxy's main producer of metal resources, thus giving it the title of the "Great Fortress of Steel". Its capital city is New Beijing, located on a large island on the planet Zhou, which is primarily a collection of islands and vast oceans. They also have a Two child policy that forbids the mother from making more than two children, due to the influence of its other policy, the Zhou Cloning Act, which legalizes cloning only for the interests of the military. With a vast population within its borders, primarily made up of citizens who had descended from Chinese and Korean immigrants from the Federation, the People's Republic is considered a rival towards their northern neighbor and an unlikely ally to the Terran Dominion. They represent the People's Republic of China with some elements of the World State from Brave New World.

Darker Blue is the Confederacy of Independent Nations ([link]), a feudalist confederacy that rivals the Earth Federation with its isolationist ideals and xenophobic policies. Formally a terrorist-organization, they later on became a nation of their own image when they claimed four worlds that were too poor and corrupt to become an official province of the Federation. Soon, this led into conflict, causing casualties to become high and bloody. In the end, a ceasefire was signed and thus, the demilitarized zone (white) was created. By the end of the War of Thirds, the line expanded, leaving the powers of Earth, the CIN, and the People's Republic of Zhou to accept the peace. However, this made the CIN economy worse even further. The result was a military alliance with the Dominion, the Federation's arch-rival. They represent the Confederate States of America.

Grayish Purple is the Xenomorph Clan, a hive-minded breed of savages bent on hatching their young all over the Galaxy and cleanse the universe of life. Another threat to human society, the Federation, along with the Asari, Turians, and Jaffa, declared war against them and their enemies, the Predators. They reproduce under the influence of the Queen, who lays eggs that would open up Facehuggers in order to expand and devour all life. They are primarily similar to the Huns.

The dark-orange represents the Volcha tribes, a race of aggressive and primitive savages that are currently being invaded by the Earth Federation. The vorcha are the most short-lived sapient species currently known, with an average lifespan of only 20 years. The vorcha are known for a rather unique biology that differentiates them from other known species and which carries with it a striking set of advantages and disadvantages. The vorcha have clusters of non-differentiated cells, similar to those found on the Planarian worm of Earth. These cells allow the vorcha limited regenerative abilities, as well as the ability to adapt quickly to its environment, such as developing thicker skin after being burned or increased musculature to survive in high gravity. When a vorcha is injured or in distress, these cells move to the affected area and rapidly (~1 week) mature to specialized forms that will alleviate the issue. A vorcha that is cut or burned will adapt to have thicker skin. The lungs of a vorcha placed in a barely-breathable atmosphere will adapt to better use the gases there. A vorcha subjected to high gravity will quickly develop stronger heart and leg muscles. Non-differentiated vorcha cell clusters do replenish themselves, but the process is slow. Generally vorcha can only adapt to a single environment within their brief lives. However, what cells are replaced allow them to heal rapidly, and even regrow lost limbs over a period of months. However, as a consequence of this, the vorcha as a species no longer evolve as other races do. The vorcha equivalent of DNA has remained unchanged for millions of years. There is no need for them to evolve as a species when they can adapt as individuals. They represent the Apes from Planet of the Apes and the Zulus of Africa.

Black is the Machine Alliance, a military union between the Darleks, Cybermen, and other machines with independent minds. Although they are more likely a collection of planetary city-states, they also appear to have a more unified government, since they have the Machine Council as the Alliance's primarily rulers. Not much is known about them, other than the fact that they are isolationist and had at one time been invaded by the Bug, but managed to survive. They resemble the Holy Roman Empire in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Brownish gold is the Ferengi Alliance, a trade union that is led by the Grand Nagus and is primarily a neutral nation. Despite their successful trade agreement s with other nations, the Earth Federation has no trust towards them and is very suspicious of their actions because of their capitalist society to be more oppressive than democratic. The Elcor are close buddies with the Ferengi, having similar troubles with Earth, in which they called it a "big bully". The Ferengi also have sexist policies that forbid women to wear clothes, go out in public, or even have political office, sparking another reason why the Federation and the Ferengi can't get along. The Alliance's strong laissez-faire remains strong, although the Alliance maintained numerous agencies to regulate Ferengi business and trade. They are similar to Islamic countries such as Saudi Arabia, due to their policies on women, and to that of the United States during the Gilded Age and the Industrial Revolution.

The Orange represents the Salarian Union, a government run by a feudalist organization of noble families. Structurally, the government consists of fiefdoms, baronies, duchies, planets, and marches (colonization clusters). These are human nicknames, as the original salarian is unpronounceable. Each area is ruled by a single Dalatrass (matriarchal head-of-household) and represents an increasing amount of territory and prestige within the salarian political web. Approaching 100 members, the first circle of a salarian's clan comprises parents, siblings, uncles, aunts, and cousins. The next circle includes second cousins, etc, and escalates to well over 1000 members. The fourth or fifth circle of a clan numbers into the millions. Salarian loyalty is greatest to their first circle and diminishes from there. Their photographic memories allow salarians to recognize all their myriad relatives. They are a neutral power, although some of its soldiers are sent to aid the Earth Federation against the Helghast, Xenomorphs, and Eldar. They are similar to medieval France and 21st century Japan.

Dark-grayish blue represents the Vol Protectorate, a police state that is neutral to the Federation and hostile to its allies except the Turians. Volus culture is dominated by trade, whether it be of land, resources, or even other tribe members. The volus have a reputation as traders and merchants, and many, such as Barla Von, work as some of the best financial advisers in Citadel space. Due to the volus not being physically adept, they tend not to be violent, and can even seem overly-pacifistic and cowardly to other, more militant species. Their inability to provide adequate soldiers for themselves and the Citadel is a primary reason for not yet being inducted into the Council. Volus have two names but no family names. According to volus sensibilities you cannot own a person, so using a family name would essentially be laying claim to their offspring. Possibly because of their tribal origins, volus tend to refer to members of other races by their source world rather than species name (i.e. "Earth-clan" instead of "human"). Rather than being a fully sovereign government in its own right, the Protectorate is a client state of the Turian Hierarchy. In return for falling under the protective umbrella of the turian military, the volus pay a tax to the Hierarchy, as well as deferring to the turians in all foreign policy matters and providing auxiliary troops to the turian armed forces. They are based off of Cuba under US influence in the 19th century and the Roman client state of Regnum Bospori.

The light blue is the Elcor Confederacy, a weak nation that is run by a race of inferior aliens. The elcor walk slow, making them easy targets, and show almost no emotion at all. Their planets are full of heavy gravity, which makes them unable to walk faster. The Federation declared them as "slowpokes" and "miniature elephants" because of their speed and physical form, making the Elcor an easy target for racism. They represent the Jews only because of mistreatment by other races.

The Teal represents the Eldar Empire, a hegemony of Eldar city states, in which they are remnants of an old empire that fell about ten thousand years ago. They use warp-gates in order to use stealth and teleport to other worlds. Like the Xenomorphs and Predators, the Eldar have no particular love for any of the other major intelligent races in the universe. Though they abhor the Federation more than any other since they seen as "genocidal imperialists", they do not particularly desire to share their knowledge or co-exist with their fellow space-faring species. They have been known to trade and have relations with the other Elder Races. They pose yet another major threat to the Federation, causing "Eldarphobia". They are similar to the ancient Greek city-states and the lost civilization of Atlantis.

The blue is the Terran Dominion of Korhal, a despotic socialist dictatorship and empire under the Mengsk Dynasty and a monarchy version of the Soviet Union. After overthrowing the Confederacy, the Dominion became an economic rival of the Earth Federation. Since the Expeditionary invasion of the Dominion, the two powers both conflicted each other in a Cold War (similar to the Cold War between the Soviets and the Americans). Jim Raynor and his fellow Raiders were hired by the Federation to weaken the Dominion for good, expanding its influence. However, when Dominion spies found out about this, Mengsk decided to focus on Raynor's rebellion, seeking to crush it swiftly before they could overthrow him. While the Core Worlds remain at peace, the Fringe Worlds end up becoming a battlefield for the Terrans, Zerg, and Protoss. Secretly, however, the Dominion supports the Eldar in high hopes of ending the Federation while Moria becomes pro-Earth. The Tau also make up a threat to the Dominion, declaring marshal law within the northern fringe worlds. They are also involved in the protection of the Ratlings, seeing that their freedoms are being threatened by Federation and Helghast forces.

The Pink in the east represents the Corporate State of Moria, a corporate oligarchy that threatens the Dominion and is a capitalistic ally to the Earth Federation. E.D.N III, although far away from the Koprulu Sector (Moria's main location) it has become a colony capable of bringing raw materials powerful enough to enhance a new army capable of invading the Dominion. However, though to conflict with nature and unending rebellions, the state is unable to acquire them in time. Despite this, the Earth Federation sends in ships to orbit the planet and use fire support against the mad creatures native to it. Moria most likely represents a more capitalistic version of the People's Republic of China.

Dark Cyan is the Umoja Protectorate, a Dominion puppet-state that has lost its sovereignty since the end of the Confederacy. Originally it was a militia-based government supported by the Morians. However, when Mengsk took power, the nation began to lose much of its influence, leaving its people to become subject to the new order. They are most likely sent into forced labor camps within the Dominion and were given high taxes, unlike those native to the Dominion. They are similar to the people of East Germany under Soviet rule., due to harsh punishment of the Germans by Russia after World War II.

The Dark Gold is the Tau Empire, a unitarian empire and multiracial ally to the Federation, and perhaps a threat towards the Dominion. A young and mighty race, the Tau, along with their Kroot allies, are capable of fighting for the Greater Good, seeking for a peaceful utopia under their faith. They perform a form of "death worship" under the state in order to increase their morale and dominate the Koprulu sector. They also aid the Federation in the Bug War and the conflict with the Eldar. Their economy depends on that of a miner race known as the Demiurg, who are allied to them, thanks to their technological genius. They are similar towards the Japanese Empire and the Han Dynasty.

The Green represents the Arachnid Empire, a hive-minded, fascist oligarchy led by the Brain Bugs that threaten Federation Space. Ferocious in every way, the Bug use guerilla tactics and colonize worlds throughout other sectors. They also have an enslaved labor race called the Skinnies, who have their minds possessed by mind bugs. In a thirst for genocidal expansion, the bug use meteors as their weapons of mass destruction in order to bomb the worlds that are under the control of other species. The brain bugs, as it seems, appear to be the main life source of the bug for without them, the other Arachnids become paralyzed and then die out. They represent Afghanistan under the Taliban.

The Dark Green represent the Empire of Warboss Gorgutz, a collection of unified Orks under Gorgutz and his regime. After unifying the Orks clans on Lorn V and conquering the Orkish worlds, Gorgutz proclaimed himself ruler of the orkish tribes, creating an Ork Empire capable of destroying the Federation and conquer the galaxy under an Ork WAAAGH. The Goffs and the Evil Sunz both make up the most deadliest of the Warboss's armies and are loyal only to him alone. The Ork Nobs become the squad leaders and generals of the army as they lead the hordes into other worlds. With an uneasy alliance with the Arachnids established, the Orks fight against the Federation during the Great Bug War. They represent the Scottish Highlanders and the Mongol Empire.

Leaf-green is the Draconis Combine, a military dictatorship under the will of the Coordinator and an ally to the Earth Federation, despite political differences. Under the House of Kurita, the Draconians have improved their glorious empire though highly advanced technology, robotics, and military upgrades. Shintoism and Buddhism are accepted into the Draconian society as they connect them with their ancient ancestors from Earth. They are also involved in the wars against the Eldar and the Arachnids, in which they both threaten the nation's sovereignty. They are considered the leading power of robotics because its artificial intelligence units are accepted by a majority of the galaxy. They represent Modern day Japan and the Japanese Empire during WW II.

Whitish Teal is the Kingdom of Paralogon, a constitutional monarchy with its capital located on the planet Zeus, named after the god of lightning, and a direct descendent of Ancient Greece. A rival towards Draconis, the Turians, and the Earth Federation, it is primarily allied with Zhou and the Terran Dominion. It is also a society in which Greek polytheism has been resurrected as a major religion within the galaxy, standing along side with Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Asari Polytheism, Buddhism, and Shintoism . They also proclaim themselves to be the "true cradle of Human civilization", believing that their people are the masters and all others the barbarians, with the exception of Zhou, Korhall, and Their rival, Draconis, in which they see them as foreign oppressors. It is led primarily by a Basileus, or "king" in ancient Greek, who shares power with the parliamentary government. They were involved in the War of Thirds as an ally to Zhou, but was known only for its participation only during three minor battles. They are modeled after the Ancient Greeks.

The Dark Purple represents the Zugami Empire, the galaxy's oldest known civilization and its largest major power. Governed by a more tribalistic form of government, the Zugami primarily choose those of their most wisest leaders as their guides in order to connect their mental influence with the spirits of the dead. They also use young maidens as sacrifice to their gods and elect local shamans to spread their faith. They appear to be hostile to those of the so called "Civilized Men", who proclaim themselves to be more superior than those of tribalistic communities, angering the Zugami. They appear to be about 7 feet tall, have white hair, and are black-skinned humanoids, holding an ancient tradition based on a mix culture based on the Zulu tribes, the Bantu people, and the Martians of the Barsoom series. Their economy is more of a tribal-traditional system, wielding no competition. They represent the tribes of Africa that existed before the 18th and 19th centuries.

The shaded green north of Draconis and south of Jaffa is the Kingdom of Eden ([link](Ancient)), an ancient civilization and former empire that has spread the ideals of democracy and paganism throughout the galaxy about millions of years ago. Through peace, stability, and diplomacy, the Edanians had expanded and thus, under their king, Fellomas of Epirus, an Edanain of Epirusian descent, they had also brought themselves into the heights of empire, but this not improved relations with other ancient powers. By 60,400,000 BC, a young daughter of noble birth, Cyrene of Sal'ma, was elected to be a candidate to "a ritual to please the goddess of nature and Eden". As Cyrene was getting ready for the ritual, she had met a small, little creature in a flask. The creature told Cyrene that she must bring him into the circle of the ritual, claiming himself to be another candidate for the ritual. A year before the ritual, several incidents were taking place, forming a circular-shaped aura of bloody conflicts and rebellions. As time was running out, Cyrene and the creature were placed into the circle to perform the ritual, leaving the summoner, Adam of Jal'lomi, to be the leader of the ritual. Suddenly, when the ritual was commenced, a destructive rumble began to shake the city ruling Eden, causing thousands of deaths. When the creature told the truth about the ritual, Cyrene realized that the creature was actually a homunculus sent by the Overmind to gain a physical body and then create a series of conflicts later on to create a giant portal for the Homunculi. As a result, the Edanian empire was destroyed, forcing the remaining members of Eden to become nomadic and then settle on an island on the middle of the Atlantic Ocean on Earth, forming that of what is now Atlantis. It was said that in 15,000 BC, they placed their genetics into humanoid apes in order to create a race of servants in their image, creating the Human race. However, there is no record of this data what so ever. By 12,000 BC, when Eden was once again suitable for life, the Edanians transformed the small island city of Atlantis into a ship, returning home to their planet while man was free to begin its own civilization. The Edanians have green hair, yellow-green eyes, and are capable of living for approximately 300 years. They are also eternally young, reaching to the ages of 18, 19, and 20, where they would stop aging, although that as time passes, when they spent 250 years of their lives, their hair slowly turns white, but their youthful appearance remains. Their capital is the ancient city of Delithia ([link])([link]), in which it is supposedly similar to the Garden of Eden, with some connections to the ancient civilizations of Egypt, the Aztecs, the Greeks, the Mayans, the Babylonians, and ancient Israel. The Federation of Earth, neglecting the theory of the Edanians being the creators of man, forbid them from practicing their culture and religion.

The Black circle within the Core of the Galaxy lies the Collectors, an enigmatic race that live beyond the Omega 4 Relay, a mass relay within the same system as Omega, in the Terminus Systems. As of current issues, their space stations are being overrun by corrupt corporations from Earth, Zhou, and the Asari, who seek to claim the unlimited resources within the core to establish dominance throughout the galaxy. However, they are unable to do so because the Collectors have control of these resources and have acquired advanced weaponry to protect their land.

Blueberry Purple is the Geth Legion, a military-socialist republic located within the Northeast of the galaxy. Although a neutral power, they have some friendship with the Earth Federation and have made a pact with the Machine Alliance, incase their neutrality is threatened by the Arachnids and the Dominion. Much of its planets are well guarded by its technologically advanced defenses and mechanical warriors. About approximately ten billion Geth soldiers make up its own armies. It also has a vast amount of plasma energy needed for the Federation to power up its electricity and its weaponry. They even promised the Terrans to cut off trade from the Dominion, since they have no interest into them. They represent modern-day Saudi Arabia.

Emerald green is the Krogan Empire, an interstellar monarchy allied to the Federation as a democratic nation. With Clan Weyrloc defeated, the new Krogan government seeks peace, stability, and obedience from its citizens as their fears are cast aside and have joined the Federation in its merciless crusade against the Xenomorphs and the Predator. They joined alongside the Outlanders, Asari, Turians, Salarians, and Draconians during the fight. Despite their loyalty, they also tend to fight the Predators for their own benefit of annexing Predator-occupied worlds, seeking to kill them off. With memories of the Krogan Rebellion still known by many, the people of the Empire created a large monument in memory of their new found unity. They are possibly based on the German Empire of the 19th century and Prussia during the 18th century.

The light purple is the Dominion of the Founders, a hierarchal society north of the galaxy's center. As of now, nothing is going on for them since they are primarily neutral. They are run by the Changelings, who are the caste of the nation, leaving all others native to it as slaves. They are most likely similar towards the ancient civilizations of Earth, in which slavery was once legal.

Crimson red is the Batarian Hegemony, a communist republic that is against the Krogan, the Federation, and the Dominion. They seek to take over southern parts of the Krogan because of their xenophobic attitude against Krogan immigrants. They are extremely isolationist and have a weak military, due to the fact that they have no trade at all. Most Batarians end up becoming space pirates and bounty hunters since the Hegemony has no money to give to the poor, due to heavy taxation and a corrupt government under the rich oligarchy. They are similar to the Kingdom of France prior to the French Revolution, due to the fact that Batarians suffer from their wealthy masters within the government.

The Drell Republic is a federal democracy allied to the Federation and perhaps more benevolent to their Jaffa neighbors. Since they control one planet, the desert world of Rakhana, where only thousands of their people live, but will soon rebuild into a world of millions. The Federation gives support to its people, due to disease, famine, and unstable government. The Hanar also take responsibility into treating the Drell as people, seeing it as a humanitarian movement. Poverty in the economy has weakened and shattered the hearts and minds of the Drell people, as if all hope had been lost from them. To make matters worst, a drug war has occurred and has decimated about three major cities during the conflict. They are based on Modern-day Mexico with some connections with Somalia and South Africa.

The dark purple is the Hanar Community, a technocratic government allied with the Federation and supporters of the Drell. Their primary interest is their research on other life forms such as the Predators, the Xenomorphs, the Orks, and even the Arachnids, seeking to understand why they are unable to become as civilized as them. Turns out for one of their research facilities that Orks are civilized, but more war-like and aggressive. As for political issues, they appear to be under attack by Necron soldiers and Predators, but are saved by Federation soldiers that were sent to protect them, seeing them as an important and intelligent race. Their plans for the future include an international union throughout the milky way that will have its nations get less focused on fighting each other and more focused on protecting each other from outsiders such as the Reapers and Tyranids. They want a "perfect society" in which as races could coexist and unite under a common goal: the survival of civilization. However, their plan to achieve their greatest dream is far more distant than ever. They represent mixture between 21st century Japan and Modern-day Switzerland.

Red Orange is the Hrud Union, a collective hegemony who live within subterranean conditions with one breed being rat-like and the other being resembling the creature from the Black Lagoon. They are allied with the Covenant and the Klingons, seeing all other races as hostile towards their people. Due to their gothic religion, they believe that through the ways of the Dark One, they will rise from the surface and then make their enemies perish from existence. The Draconians and the Federation hate them because of their disgusting appearance and their hallow beliefs. They resemble Dark Ages Europe.

The Yellowish Brown is the Tumerash Kingdom, a theocratic monarchy mainly inhabited by ethnic Arabs and Persians. It is allied with the Federation as a major supplier of cotton. They are currently at war with the Gorn, in which they seek to claim their resources in order to improve the living conditions of its people. The technology there is basically steampunk and its military is far weaker than the CIN's. Despite this, they have one advantage: the environment. Due to the hot, steamy deserts, in which they exhaust the CIN ground forces, along with their astroid rings that keep large enemy ships from coming, they use guerilla tactics and blind in to their environment to knock out intruders. The capital of the Kingdom is Terestia City, named after the planet in which it is located on. They are also a strongly religious and strict nation who believe that it is sacred to respect the Old Teachings. The good thing is that they have some weapons given to them by the Federation, along with starship parts and automobiles. They are peaceful at most times because of their well known neutrality with the nations other than the Federation. They are a resemblance to the real-world country of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The Pinkish-red is the Snotling Kingdom, a monarchy run by hairy-footed midgets native toward the only planet they control: Ornswolrd. Their small appearance makes the Federation see them as ugly, deformed, and hilariously small and stupid, forcing the Snotlings to rely on support from the Dominion. Emperor Mengsk sees the small critters as non-human, but important allies. In order to prevent them from becoming slaves towards Earth and its imperialist-democratic interests, Dominion soldiers and Siege Tanks are sent into the planet Ornsworld to protect the Ratlings incase of invasion. Their lives are also threatened by the Helghast, who viewed them as inferior, weak, and distrustful beings (just as the Nazis viewed the Jews as inferior, evil, and subhuman). They represent Israel, due to its known history of being blamed by other nations, especially by those who are Islamic.

The Dark green nation east of the Klingons and the Covenant is the Romulan Star Empire, a galactic superpower and absolute monarchy that rivals the Federation and the Dominion. Due to its mastery in science, the Romulan Empire seeks to create the ultimate chemical weapon, in which would end their conflict with the Asari neighbors. They are a war-like, but also civilized race who are allied with the Klingons, Hrud, and Covenant forces during Earth's bloody campaign for control over the galaxy. They are blood cousins to the Vulcans, who are enslaved and reduced into a minority under the Federal government that has taken over their planet. Although Romulus is now a dead world, it is still highly populated and is now being transformed into a machine-like biosphere. Romulus is most likely based on Italy during the Renaissance, due to their culture and politics, and the Roman Empire, because of the names of their planets.

The Swampy Green is the Orion Colonial Administration, a collection of worlds controlled by the Orion people and are allied with the Federation, despite their barbaric and savage behavior. They also serve as pirates hired by Federal forces to weaken CIN and Zhou fleet, though most of them are failures. They appear to have their main hatred towards the CIN because of the Slavery Act of 2110 that ordered the enslavement of Orions, forcing them to work in the mines. Zhouese, on the other han, sought to turn the Orion Administration into a puppet state, which was one of the reasons why the War of Thirds had occurred. By the end of the war, a de-militarization border was forges within the northern borders of the Administration. This protects them from invaders as they are now at the benevolent mercy of the Federation and its allies. Their situation is much like that of the African tribes of the 17th and 18th centuries, when they had to sell members of their own kind into slavery under the white man.

Peach is the Gorn Hegemony, a monarchy located south of the CIN, in which they are at war with. aided by their Covenant and Klingon allies, they remain independent from Human rule and are a loyal vassal state of the Romulan Star Empire. However, the Federation and its Orion allies have also declared war and have demanded that the tyrannical Gorn monarchy be verthrown and be replaced with a democracy. This leads them into viewing the Humans and Orions as "imperialist barbarians". They are similar to Suddam Hussein's Iraq during the war on Terror.

The Brownish red is the Tholian Assembly, a collective communist society of crystal-humanoids. While living on volcanic planets, they seek to migrate into the worlds of the southern milky way, where the conditions are more better suited for most life. Unfortunately, they are unable to do so because of Federation forces and Dominion ships guarding the Koprulu sector and the Federal Sector. However, they do have trade with the Geth, along with an alliance with them. This leads into an import of crystalloid goods to the Federation and her allies, making their economy more stronger and advanced. Thy are mostly likely similar to the Arabic nomads of the 11th century.

Greenish-gold is the Padishah Empire, a religious theocracy ruled by royal houses. Under the House Atriedes, the Empire is under a status of neutrality as it faces political instability, as it always had since its establishment. The Padishah Emperors have ruled for thousands of years and their once great empire is now at the brink of political turmoil, due to huge political corruption, along with the Earth Federation's neglect of the Empire's existence. Dependent on the control of the "spice" on Arakkis, they seek to trade it for huge imports of gold, silver, iron, plasma, and goods. They lack technology because of their abuse over, since the machines assume control. This led into a bloody revolution under a feudalist economy that has now crippled the Empire. They represent the Ottoman Empire and medieval Europe.

The Shaded Green nation in the east is the Aeon Illuminate, a theocratic society of humans who worship a religion called "The Way". Allied to the Federation and the Asari, they seek to block the Padishah Empire, the CIN, and the Dominion from any trade agreements and are highly sensitive to their culture. Although a strict society, it is also democratic and supports a certain form of capitalism based on their ideals. They also appear to be neutral, but friendly towards the Seraphim since they both have the same religious views. The Tyranids are their primary focus, as of now. They are highly similar towards the real-world countries of the Vatican and Israel.

The Yellow-Orange is the Seraphim Collective Republic, a highly religious democracy established by a group of Seraphim rebels who went against the idea to killing off humanity. By the end of the Seraphim War against the Federation of Earth, the new government established a new alliance with the Asari, the Salarians, and the Aeon Illuminate in a need to protect themselves against the Dominion. They also make trade with the Geth for some of their weaponry. They seek to colonize unclaimed worlds west and north of them, since they are dealing with overpopulation. They are possibly similar toward the nation of India.

The small green area south of the Hanar and north of the Krogan would be the Petto Alliance, a small human colony allied with the Dominion. Not much is known, other that they are facing huge threats from the Skogg and are isolated by Federation forces. They represent Communist Cuba.

The dark-violet is the Goa'uld Union State, which is a theocratic oligarchy of power-hungry parasites. Although a minor threat toward the Federation, they still seem to have plans to enslave humanity and take revenge after suffering a terrible defeat from the Jaffa. Allied with the Eldar and the Predators, they will stop at nothing to make sure that the Federation crumbles, but are blocked by armies of Asari, Federation, Turian, Salarian, Outlander, and Draconian soldiers. Much of their cities within their territory have been bombed and turned into ruins. Despite tis, they remain united under the ruling elite and are still stable since they continue to have enough resources to fight the war. As for their conflicts with the Cardassians, they have sent in massive waves of ships to claim the Cardassian worlds before the Necrons do. They represent Ancient Egypt, due to a majority of its culture to be based on that nation.

Darker Red is the Skogg Imperial Alliance, a fascist nation allied to Helghan during the Helghast War. A cybernetic race, they are another primary threat towards the Federation and plan to destroy both the Eldar and the Necrons in order to make things easier for them. Turning corpses into their own kind, they rely on the dead in order to continue their survival as they benefit from Federal and Necron technology. Scolar Visari declares them loyal allies and protectors. They are based off of Fascist Italy.

Winter-Blue is the Ixian Confederacy, a confederate government under the rule of the Royal Dewung family. Although a puppet state of the Padishah Emperors, the Ixians are an independent people who seek neutrality with the rest of the galaxy, including the Dominion and the Federation. They are also responsible for the creation of weapons of mass destruction, created for the their use at the hands of the two superpowers. Further more, they also conducted terrible experiments on non-human prisoners of war, violating humanoid rights. They are most likely similar towards Nazi Germany, for their inhumane behavior, and the Chinese, because of their ancestry.

The aqua-blue nation north of the Machine Alliance is the Cymek Hierarchy, the former ruler of the Padishah region. Exiled to the south by their human slaves, who rebelled against them, they have rebuilt their once great empire within the planets Tol-Azum and Tol-rulkar. Not much of their history is known since that time. They have grown isolationist towards the Galaxy and are called "inferior" toward the eyes of the Machine Alliance.

The shaded Blue is the Malik Caliphate, a theocratic nation bordering the Tumerash Kingdom in the east and is south of the Covenant. Their armies are strong and are more advanced than their neighbor in the west and works as an ally of the Federation, the Asari, the aeon Illuminate, and the Salarians. However due to numerous attacks by the Elite and Grunt forces, they are in need of help from their allies, since their forces are badly wounded by Covenant gunships and bombardment. They are mostly based on Algeria, Pakistan, and Morocco.

The purple area bordering east of the Strogg are the Skaarj Tribal Empire, a tribal confederacy of barbaric savages who are currently allied to the Predators and Eldar. Attacks within the Krogan Empire have been reported as Skaarj ships bombard Sectos, in response of the destruction of their cities by Pro-Federation Krogan extremists. the Strogg plan to take over their neighbor in order to carve a path towards Krogan and Hanar territory. Despite this, they are often driven back from the Skaaj worlds, due to mass guerilla warfare. They are a mixture between the Aztecs and the tribes of pre-1700 Africa.

The Locust Horde, as of now, are fighting with the humans of Sera, along with the Lambent. They are not a space-faring race and are therefore not allowed to join with galactic society, since much of the planet is destroyed. However, the Hammer of Dawn has inspired the Federation to create destructive weapons of their own. There are also rumors that the planet's Imulsion, a parasitic lifeform, may be a threat towards all lif in the galaxy.

The Yellow area on the western part of the galaxy lies the Amarr Empire, an empire that has been ruled by a long line of emperors under the will of their God. They appear to be at war with the Federation as it is the only Human nation to ever join with the Covenant. They are a mixture between Roman and Vatican cultures, as they are seemingly expansionist and highly religious.

The brownish-orange within the eastern part of the Galaxy is the Cylon Collective Federation, a collection of Cylon-controlled worlds bent on eradicating humanity. After rebelling against the Twelve Colonies, the homeland of their creators, the Cylons conquered Proto-Earth, a savage planet in which it was home to the more primitive descendants of the Colonies, and then made contact with the Earth Federation, in which they have viewed the Cylons as "communist-based terrorists". Forced into joining with the other machine-based nations, the Cylons began rebuilding their military and started a war against the Federation, but were easily defeated after a failed attempt to conquer the Human homeworld. Despite this, however, they managed to make peace with the Terrans, as compared to their relations with the now primitive Kobolians. As a result, the slave system within Cylon territory was finally introduced, which gave some disturbing concerns for the Earth Federation. They are possibly based on ancient civilizations such as ancient Greece and Mesopotamia.


The Borg are a machine-like race located north just outside of the Galaxy. Despite the Federation's Pyrrhic victory over the Borg about thirty years ago, they remain hostile and threatening, although they no longer seek to invade tHE galaxy. Instead, due to civil war, the rulers of the Borg seek to establish marshall law and end the civil war quickly in order to re-establish order and launch a second invasion.

The Reapers are located in the south and are a major threat towards those who are members of the international organization of the Citadel and towards those of the Human nations of the Milky Way. After their defeat at the hands of Humanity and their allies, the Reapers tend to become neutral, as of current issues. With much of their enemies seemingly stronger, the Reapers no longer seek to claim territory over the Milky Way, but rather demand full isolation from them.

The Tyranids are the current threat of the Galaxy, as they appear to be seeking a way to claim the galaxy as their own. The mentality of the Tyranid approach to warfare can be described with the phrase "quantity has a quality all its own". From the "lowly" Ripper, to the deadly Hive Tyrant and beyond, the signature of the Tyranid force is that they overwhelm their foes with sheer numbers, reproducing massive numbers of highly virulent organisms in record time from the biochemical soup that they derive from the biospheres of the worlds that they consume. The components of a Tyranid Hive Fleet travel almost exclusively in large groups known as swarms that possess specialized biomechanical creatures for destroying and consuming a wide variety of prey life forms. Tyranids have evolved sophisticated methods for facilitating genetic transfer across species boundaries. As a result, a significant goal of any Tyranid invasion is acquisition of useful new biological traits from other lifeforms. These are used by the Hive Mind to enhance the Tyranids' effectiveness in consuming new worlds to gain more of the necessary organic raw materials for further reproduction. All Tyranids are reproduced by a single, highly intelligent female bioform known as a Norn-Queen. A Hive Fleet's Norn-Queens are the most important Tyranids within the fleet, for if they are injured or killed the Tyranids cannot reproduce their numbers from the captured bio-mass. As a result, Norn-Queens can be found only at the heart of the largest and most-well defended Tyranid Hive Ships. Despite their terrifying power within the eastern Milky Way, the Federation and her allies, along with the Zerg and Protoss, seek to unite against the invaders and then one day come to the galaxy that is home to the Tyranids. Once it is find, they will ultimately destroy all sources of Tyranid civilization through orbital bombardment and guerilla warfare tactics. Tyranids appear in a multitude of genera, and all have an extremely rapid rate of evolution directed by the Hive Mind, adapting to threats in direct response to their presence. Tyranid matter is constantly reabsorbed into biomass reclamation pools to create new species and adapt existing ones to suit the Hive Mind's immediate purpose. They are represented in dark gold.

Major Trade routes:
Red=Koprulu-Terra Route
Pink=The Royal Road
Blue=Terra-Moorwen Route
Green=Nubia-Cardassia Route
Purple=Zugami-Imperial Route
Blueberry Purple: Geth-Koprulu Route

The idea was made by MistaSilentKiller [link]
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